Monthly / Yearly Rental

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  1. Available July 1st for a month-to-month or one year lease

  2. 105 Sqft, acoustic treated, 24/7 access, secured building, Tons of storage space.

  3. Wifi and electricity are included. 

  4. $870/month


Hourly Rental



The Nest Studio - $60/ Hour

The Nest Studio is the perfect recording studio for a wide variety of vintage gear including TR-808 / TR-909 / TB-303 / SH-101 / Nord Lead 3 / Juno 60 / Prophet 6 and wide range of effects, squensers and mastering gear. 

The studio is on the second floor of a duplex studio, has a window, sofa, acoustic treatment, etc. The nest studio has been used by some of the top artists in the electronic music industry and it's perfect for mix down sessions, recording, jamming, etc. It's super comfortable and has the magic creative environment.

We use the PMC result 6 monitors for the perfect result of mix down along with the midas venice F24 mixer. 

Audio Engineer included in rate. 


$120/ Hour

The Bakery is our studio located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and was thoughtfully designed to create the finest acoustic space. It features a perfect blend of state-of-the-art vintage analog and cutting edge digital gear, and is well equipped with outstanding instruments, forming an inspiring creative environment.

Audio Engineer included in rate.

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